Children's dance exam classes - grades and medal tests in B.A.T.D.

Professional Teachers exam classes in B.A.T.D

Parent and toddler classes

Brand new dance classes for children and parents. Great fun while keeping fit and being active. Subjects taught include ballet, mime, tap, modern and cheerleading. This exciting class runs for 30 mins and caters for children who can walk upto pre-school age.

Foundation (First Steps)

At 5 to 6 years of age children progress into First Steps where their skills increase. They learn how to perform steps with correct technique and how to put steps together to create a dance routine. Mime and character work is part of their study also at this age. They are encouraged to take their First Steps examinations and study for their Pre-Primary grades. Further class options from this grade upwards include Musical Theatre, Freestyle/Street, Singing.

Professional Teacher's Courses

Professional courses are available at the School for those wanting to teach. Teaching diplomas are awarded at Associate Level and those who take up teaching dance as a profession may continue to Membership and Fellowship levels with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing.


Can involve practise for Festival

work, or for whatever subject you would like to train privately in. These are arranged at a time to suit both you and the Teacher. You are still included in Exam and Show work if you want to, although further rehearsals with others will be required.

Pre-school (Starlites)

Baby classes are 60 minutes long and cover the basic elements of ballet, modern, cheerleading and tap dance. The children are taught disciplines of being in a dance class, and the required posture and steps to help them on their way to being the stars of the future. Starlite examinations are taken at this level.

Primary and above

From the Primary Grade and beyond all students take their examinations in grade order. This commences with Primary Grade and continues through to Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced in Ballet, Tap, Stage and Modern.

Freestyle/Street, Acro, Cheerleading, Contemporary & Musical Theatre

Fantastic opportunity for your children to sing, dance and act in one class, and dance to the latest hits with the latest moves in another! We have various groups depending on age/skill base. Exams can be taken in all subjects taught or just do them for fun! All children will be able to join in with our biannual show.